Why Do Most Artists Smoke?

Artists are very expressive people. Many people express their emotions, beliefs, and sentiments through tattoos, clothing, makeup, dyeing their hair, and body piercing. Many artists express themselves through smoking or drinking because they stimulate their artistic feelings. Smoking or drinking inspires them to be creative, something that is difficult to be understood by many people. They may end up burning a hole in the mattress from time to time but perhaps it’s worth it.

The French playwright Jean-Baptiste Poquelin, famously known as Molière once said that “smoking is the passion of the well-bred, and he who lives without it lives a life not worth living.” The filmmaker, visual artist, and musician David Lynch considered smoking as his worst vice but he remains a nicotine addict that smoked 40 cigarettes a day, together with 40 cups of coffee while busy with his work.

Because of the public anger over tobacco smoking, it is now considered as the most unpopular of all the vices. The public condemnation of smoking and the alleged effects has reached an irrational level. Health officials have been bombarding the public with statistics related to tobacco smoking, leading journalist Fletcher Knebel to comment sarcastically that smoking is the leading cause of statistics.

It has become a positive social trait to quit smoking, with quitters proudly announcing their feat coupled with the belief that they now live a healthy lifestyle and they have very little risk of dying from smoking-related diseases. But they still die of other illnesses just like the unreformed smokers. Cancer continues to be taking people’s lives, smokers or non-smokers alike.

Disregarding the advice and warning of health professionals, many people still enjoy their smoking. These people did not want to blame cigarettes for all the ills of the world. They believe that taking risks is part of life. There are risks in smoking in the same manner that there are risks every time you get out of bed in the morning or when you cross the street. They hold the idea that a good smoke is a lovely affair that is worth pursuing, regardless of the risks involved. The great Spanish filmmaker Luis Buñuel elevated his love for smoking to the level of poetry.

Smoking has been linked through the years with creative genius. The great minds in history have savoured smoking as they developed their talents for the benefit of mankind. The great French philosopher Albert Camus continued to enjoy his smoking while his lungs were ravaged by tuberculosis. Albert Einstein formulated his theory or relativity and expounded on it through his lifetime while enjoying his tobacco pipe. George Burns will be unrecognisable to his fans without his cigar. There is something in smoking that nurtures the creative mind.

Although smoking is a stimulant, it has a relaxing influence on the mind, allowing it to empty itself of negative thoughts and worries, and enabling new ideas to enter. Blowing off cigarette smoke from a person’s mouth could actually be a creative exercise. As the famed playwright Oscar Wilde put it, smoking a cigarette is a perfect pleasure.

People who live in artistic circles are generally known to experiment with many things. Their artistic works were products of their experimentation. These people are fairly liberal in their opinions. Smoking may be considered part of their experimentation. And they do not worry about being judged as smoker or non-smoker because they do not care what others are doing, an extension of their liberal opinion.

The artists devote their minds and their lives toward the pursuit of art and other intangibles in this world. The artists spend a great deal of time turning something out of essentially nothing, in most cases. It takes a lot of work, dedication, and patience to produce a work of art, constantly keeping their hands and mouth preoccupied. The hands and the mouth are tools for creation. Keeping those tools preoccupied during down time relieves the stress. Smoking keeps those tools preoccupied when they are not used for artistic creation.

A new trend in smoking is electronic cigarettes or e-cigarettes. They are battery-operated devices that heat the liquid and convert it into vapour, instead of smoke, that people inhale. E-cigarettes use a liquid that contains different levels of nicotine. A new version of vaping produces thicker vapour clouds that give stronger sensation – dripping. Dripping involves manually applying drops of liquid directly to the heating coil of e-cigarettes, allowing the user to shift from one flavour to another. Drippers can use the best mod for dripping that is readily available in vaping shops.

It is expected that creative artists who smoke cigarettes will include or shift to vaping or dripping.

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