Is Fashion a True Form of Art?

Despite arguments saying fashion is not art, in many ways, it is. Arts can take different forms. A lot of people are more familiar with fine arts like painting or sculpture. They define beauty in some ways. Fashion, on the other hand, is more on the practical side. Nevertheless, it is still art.

Besides, fashion could not be taken away as an art form simply because it is practical. If a painting was printed on a sticker paper and placed on a mug, does it cease to become art? In short, art can take many forms.

Fine arts should also not be limited to beauty and aesthetics. It should be defined in many ways. Besides, there are fashion designers who take inspiration from fine arts. They integrate certain concepts into their creations and they still look stunning.

A reflection of history

More than just being a form of art, fashion is also a part of history that will forever be remembered. It reflects what kind of clothes people wore in a certain point in history. Some designs have even been placed in museums and galleries. This is pretty much the same with any other art form.

Artists create beauty

By this definition alone, it is more than enough of a proof that fashion is an art form. There is a lot that goes into fashion design, evoking various emotions. Some people might argue that not all fashion designs are beautiful or artistic to say the least. Following this logic, there are also a lot of art works that don’t necessarily reflect beauty. Despite that, people brand them as art forms. If art is defined in terms of how it evokes emotions, fashion is definitely a part of it. You cringe, be amazed, laugh or even be in tears with certain fashion designs.

Making headlines

There were several points in history when certain art pieces have made the headlines. The controversial nature of those pieces have made a lot of heads turn. Some of them even angered the government. Those creations were expressions of range, discontent and hatred. The emotions were too strong that in some ways, people thought that art pieces should elicit such response.

By this definition, fashion would have been out of the picture. The truth is that in today’s time, there were more fashion designs that have made the headlines over art pieces. In short, fashion could not be taken out as a work of art if this is how art is to be defined.


Just like fine artists, fashion designers also put a lot of efforts on their work. They may be on the practical side of arts, but their goal is to make someone look beautiful or feel beautiful. In this sense alone, they deserve to be called artists. Even if you don’t think they should be, their efforts alone to create stunning pieces deserve respect.

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